Friday, January 23, 2009

What do movies tell us?

1) Bad guys have beautiful daughters.

2) Lasers make sound.

3) Programs(code) make sound.

4) Driving is "continuously rocking the steering wheel left and right".

5) Monkeys can drive.

6) Cars and bikes explode when hit.

7) Unless they hit a tree.

8) Electric shocks can be seen all over the victims body.

9) Ghosts befriend kids.

10) Ghosts scare people for a day or two before killing them.

11) Either a mad guy or a chowkidaar warns beforehand about the ghosts.

12) The good guys pistol holds 40-50 bullets. Sometimes more

13) Rich people are all bad.

14) The bald goon is the most bad-ass(refer to any movie starring Jitendra)

15) Every gun-fight eventually gets down to a fist-fight with the "main Villain"

16) Colleges are full of infinitely many "good-looking-chicks".